Business Performance is People Performance – Joined Up

Whatever we are working on with our clients, we try to build an underlying performance platform in the business.

As we all know, execution – be it routine operations or strategic initiatives – needs people to be connected, aligned and motivated to do their part in concert with everyone else. A tall order, as evidenced by the age-old cry “We just can’t seem to get it done!”

Frontera goes back to the basics on this. We find that focusing on a few key levers builds execution discipline and capability.

5 Key Levers of Business Performance 280515We’ve also seen clearly the kinds of basic everyday skills that managers need to keep their people engaged, focused and productive from Monday to Friday. Have a look at the next post or go to The Manager’s Toolkit website.

What we’ve lost sight of in this technology-driven world is that organisations perform when the people in them have real working relationships. Relationships particularly between team leaders and team members in which performance counselling and coaching for growth can flourish.

This is the basic tenet of people performance. And business performance is people performance – joined up.