A Bit of History

Gemini Consulting opened the doors of its Johannesburg office in September 1991 – a South African node in the global network of one of the world’s suddenly hottest consulting firms. As a branch of the London office, the SA operation enjoyed extraordinary support at a time when many international firms were not active locally. The Gemini proposition was perfect for what CEOs were looking for then – international experience, deep industry knowledge and a way of working that made things happen.

What SA clients began to find in addition to all that, was that working with Gemini seemed to make a lasting difference to the corporate culture. People grew visibly, there was a general uplift in energy and somehow things seemed to be working better – a lot better. Even long after the consultants had gone.

Of course the magic wasn’t really magic. It was simply the product of transferring skills and attitudes through real collaboration while the business problems of the day were solved. Common sense approaches and a unique set of values.

Sadly Gemini SA closed its doors in 2009, one of many casualties of the financial crisis. But what we learned there persists as a conviction of how to work with people from top to bottom of the organisation to help them grow and get things done.