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Frontera majors on strategic execution and business performance. Getting it done.

What we’re trying to do here is build a firm focused on what you, the client, actually need from your consultants when it comes to driving complex change and boosting performance.

It seems to us that you’re not really interested in how many thousand fresh-faced graduates we recruited last year, or that we have addresses on all seven continents, a massive back office in Bangalore and a lavish training campus in the countryside somewhere.

“What you do want to know is who’s on the team that will sign in at your reception next Monday morning and whether they have the experience to really help”

You want to know that this handful of comparative strangers will work hand-in-glove with you and your people, safeguarding your interests and respecting your values.

You want to know that we won’t leave without leaving some of our skills, and that we’ll set the work up for your people to continue when we’re gone.

Most of all you want to know that we will make something real, useful and lasting happen in your organisation.

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