What We Do

We will work on anything, large or small, that improves strategic performance, always with a focus on practical solutions that actually get implemented. For example:

Strategy, Business Planning and Execution

  • Articulate your strategy and develop an execution programme
  • Run your strategy offsite to deliver practical outcomes
  • Structure and run your business planning process

Issue Resolution and Programme Management

  • Resolve a business issue, or set of issues, and support implementation
  • Structure a suite of initiatives, and provide support for execution
  • Capacitate your Programme Management Office (PMO)

Business Transformation Design and Execution

  • Develop the roadmap for your business transformation journey
  • Design and manage your business transformation programme
  • Deliver some of the initiatives within your business transformation programme

Performance Uplift and Skills Development

  • Create a new performance architecture, and support rollout
  • Enhance operational disciplines and build a performance culture
  • Provide training and coaching in day-to-day management skills
    • The Manager’s Toolkit is a simple 12 module programme in practical everyday management skills. For more information go to managerstoolkit.co.za.