We’re Different

The Frontera experience is different from any other consultancy’s. Results are different too. Here are a few reason why:

We’re people people

We have consistently had the feedback over the years that working with us is more rewarding than working with other firms, often the most rewarding experience in a person’s career. That’s because we are people people who get real satisfaction from helping others solve problems and achieve.

Our premise is personal growth

Our approach, developed over decades, centres on growing people as we solve problems together. We actively transfer our consulting and management skills to your people. Empowerment in the true sense.

We work in real collaboration

We work in partnership with our client people, helping them find and implement their own solutions.

All our people are experienced

You won’t find a bunch of bright young things on your project asking Business101 questions about how your industry works. All our consultants are seasoned professionals with years of relevant experience.

We don’t build in dependency

We work actively to transfer the effort from our team to yours. By the time we leave we will be in the background with your people front and centre taking the work forward.

Consulting + training + coaching

Other firms see these three things as separate disciplines. We know that devising solutions that people wholeheartedly adopt needs a customised blend of all three.

We share the risk

True partnership means aligning interests and sharing risk. We put fees at risk against the objectives we have set together. Ask your house consultancy if they’re prepared to do that.


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