About Frontera

Frontera is a new firm born of longstanding heritage. We have two decades experience dealing with complex issues in large South African organisations. Check out our client heritage.

We focus on what we call strategic performancethe ability of a complex organisation to consistently achieve its longer term goalsOf course this year’s longer-term goal is next year’s target, with hopefully minor modification. So what we’re talking about is aligned behaviour across and down the organisation that gets people, teams and units to where they need to go.

Strategic performance also means having the agility to move as circumstances change – shift direction and move quickly on new plans.

And finally strategic performance depends directly on fast, effective execution of strategic initiatives – something that even sophisticated organisations can find it hard to do.

At the end of the day, having a strategy is all well and good. Making it happen is the essence of success. That’s strategic performance.

Motherhood and apple pie? Sure.

But easier said than done – as many a CEO will attest.

We help your people resolve the specific issues impeding performance. As we do this we build everyday leadership and management capacity for a more performance-explicit way of working.

A robust business case, strong project management and class-leading change management underpin the effort to assure success and predictable return on investment.

We like to align our interests with the client’s, sharing risk against contracted, measurable performance targets.


Frontera is a Level 4 BBBEE contributor.