How We Work

Working with you, we first build alignment within the senior team on the one or two critical issues – red issues – that are hampering higher performance.

A red issue is one that is complex and cross-functional, involving people from different functions or units across the organisation. A red issue is also usually one of those that has already proven difficult to resolve, with some senior-level frustration at the pace of progress.

We dimension the problem with metrics and a business case and build a programme for your people to devise and implement practical solutions. We then guide and coach your teams, supporting the exercise with content injection, robust project management and class-leading change management.

Critically, as we work on the red issues, we bolster the ability of the organisation to manage the business down the line. This is real capacity building in day-to-day management; sharpening accountabilities, clarifying measures, coaching on everyday management skills and instilling robust management disciplines.

These new capabilities create a platform for a more effective performance-focused way of working.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to execution!

Our work then has the triple benefit of 1. resolving the critical issues at hand, 2. strengthening management capability and ultimately 3. building a performance ethic.

And it’s the long-term shift towards a performance culture that is the real legacy of the relationship.